Kalari Kovilakom Ayurveda Hospital,

Palakkad, India
Kalari Kovilakom Ayurveda Hospital, Palakkad
  • Address : Kollengode, Palakkad
  • City : Palakkad - 678506
  • Phone no : +91-4923-305500/305502
  • Email : kalarikovilakom@cghearth.com/cherry@cghearth.com,
  • No. of Hospital Beds : 22
  • No. of ICU Beds : 0
  • No. of Operating Rooms : 12
  • Payment Mode : Card, Cash, Wire
  • Avg. International Patients : 480

International Recognitions & Collaborations

Specific Services for International Patients

  • Language capabilities English
  • Availability of international cuisines
  • Presence of a hotel / food court within hospital No
  • Facility for tele consultations for overseas patients No
  • Facility for video consultations No
  • Presence of a dedicated international desk No
  • Travel desk at the hospital No
  • Visa Assistance for international patients No
  • Appointment booking option in website No
  • Services for International Patients

Room Type & Facilities

  • Whether room options for separate by-stander stay available in the hospital premises No
  • Choices for accommodation for patients

Airport & Railway connectivity

Name Distance from Hospital
Nearest International Airport Cochin International Airport 104 km
Nearest Domestic Airport Cochin International Airport 104 km
Nearest Railway Station Palakkad Junction 27.2 km
Nearest Metro Station

Last Mile Connectivity

From Airport
Cab Services Train services Bus Other
Cochin Cabs – (+91) 0484- 4023979– Rs. 18/km – http://www.cochincabs.com/ City Bus Prepaid taxi, Auto
From Railway Station
Cab Services Train services Bus Other
Kochi Cabs –(+91) 90615 90099– Rs17/km – http://www.kochitaxicabs.com/ B cabs– (+91) - 0484 4046667– Rs. 20/km - http://www.bcabs.com/ City Bus, Local Bus Services Taxi, Auto

Hotels Near by

Name Class (stars) No. of Rooms Price Range Per Night (IN INR) Price Range Per Night (IN USD) Distance from the Hospital Link/ URL for direct booking
Hotel Indraprastha 0 0 Rs.1800-Rs.6000 $30-$100 22.2 km http://hotelindraprastha.com/
Hotel Fort Palace 0 0 Rs.1200-Rs.3100 $20-$52 21.7 km http://fortpalace.com/
Hotel Gazala 0 0 Rs.3000-Rs.6000 $50-$100 23 km http://hotelgazala.net/
Srichackra Internationol 0 0 Rs.2000-Rs.5000 $33-$83 24 km http://hotelsrichackra.com/
Sayoojyam Residency 0 0 Rs.1800-Rs.3000 $30-$50 22.7 km http://sayoojyamresidency.com/

Nearest Sight seeing

Nearest Sight seeing options Distance from the Hospital Address Local Transportation avalaible in the city( metro/bus/other etc.) Cab opeartors, tariffs and contact details of opeartors
Parambikulam Wildlife Sanctuary 35.2 km Palakkad City Bus, Taxi, Auto Kochi Cabs – (+91) 90615 90099– Rs 17/km – http://www.kochitaxicabs.com
Malampuzha Garden, Palakkad 26 km Kerala City Bus, Taxi, Auto B cabs – (+91) - 0484 4046667– Rs. 20/km - http://www.bcabs.com/

Local Outing/ Avenues to meet daily needs

Local Market What is primarily sold in these markets Type of Restaurants available Nearest places of worship by religion
Gold Souk Grande Luxury Brands,Electronics,Jewellery,Casual & Kids Wear,Footwear, Bags & Luggage,Entertainment Indian, European, Chinese, Continental, Beverages, Fast food, Café, Pubs. Food Court Temple –Ettumanoor Shiva Temple Church – Santa Cruz Basilica
Oberon Mall Domestic & International brands – Electronics, Clothes, Footwear, Entertainment Indian, Mediterranean, Chinese, Asian, Italian, Fast food joints, Café, Pubs, Bakery, Food Court Temple –ChottanikkaraBhagavathy Temple Church – St Francis Church
Center Square Mall Luxury Brands, Electronics, Clothes, Footwear Indian, European, Chinese, Continental, Beverages, Fast food, Café, Pubs. Food Court Temple - Kaduthuruthy Shiva Temple Church - Santacruz Basilica

Qualifications and Specialities

Name of Doctor Qualification Speciality
Dr. Jouhar Kanhirala BAMS
Dr. Jayan . P BAMS
Dr. Manoj . R BAMS
Dr. Divya K P BAMS

Specialty and Procedure

Specialty Major Procedures to be highlighted

“KalariKovilakom” nestles at the foothills of rural Kerala and is located in a village called Kollengode in Palghat district. Set in very picturesque,rural countryside it is surrounded by hills and although at sea level, is in reality quite far away from the coastline. The weather here is usually hot and dry except during the Monsoons when it is pleasant. “KalariKovilakom” is an old Keralan palace, which has now been renovated as an exclusive centre for guests to experience pure and undiluted traditional Ayurveda therapy in a unique, unspoilt setting. The simple but landscaped gardens, boast a wide variety of herbal plants, trees and large old style bathing ponds, all of which blend in beautifully with the surrounding village and countryside.
* There are two airports you can choose to fly into :
1) Cochin (Kochi) International airport from where it will be a 3 hrs drive to KalariKovilakom.
2) Coimbatore airport from where it will be a 2 hrs drive to KalariKovilakom.

A brief description of life while you are at KalariKovilakom :

All Ayurveda treatments can only commence after detoxification of the body. As in any Detox therapy the initial days can prove to be a little uncomfortable. What is essential is that you come here with an open mind and work along with the Doctors to overcome your problems rather than resist them. The detoxing here is done through the intake of medicated Ghee - which is clarified, unsalted butter. The quantity of the Ghee is increased every day and during this period, you will be put on a very light diet and have to drink plenty of water. The theory behind this being that your system has to be fully saturated with the medicated Ghee which in general would take a minimum of 3 days but varies from person to person. After the Doctor has taken you off the Ghee therapy, you are put on a normal diet for a couple of days before being administered a medication to purge your system of all the ghee, which by now would have absorbed all the accumulated toxins in your system. It is only after this that the actual Ayurveda therapies begin, during which time you will be given different types of massages & treatments using medicated powders, pouches with leaves &
cooked rice in them and different medicated oils, supplemented with internal medications as required. All of which will again vary from individual to individual…. Apart from the Ayurveda treatment, which includes the special diets, herbs, oils and massages, we also focus on Yoga and meditation. The Yoga taught and practiced every morning is in general very simple, wellness asanas& Pranayama sessions, as hard exercising during Ayurveda therapy is not encouraged. Yoga Nidra is an integral part of the Yoga therapy and is included in the daily schedule. Typically after you have undergone detoxification and purgation, you will have two massages / treatments every day and on an average each massage / treatment takes up to 1 ½ to 2 hrs. The outcome of all this being a healthier, younger, lighter, calmer, clearer & more focused YOU!!

Regarding the accommodation:

There are a total of 18 guest rooms consisting of 12 Kovilakom suite rooms and 6 Vengunad suites, which are the highest category. The suites are all air-conditioned and the facilities within are modern. Out of these the former Queen’s room is the only Vengunad suite located inside the Palace while the rest are spread out between what is known as the School building which is colonial in style and an independent block that overlooks the old bathing pond which now houses the Fish and the temple dedicated to the godess Devi. However in terms of service offered or treatments there is no difference between the Vengunad and Kovilakom suites and the charm about this place is that being an old Palace, no two rooms are alike.

The Food & Cuisine:-

Some of the ‘lifestyle challenges’ you might have to overcome and accept during your stay with us, would be the total absence of coffee/tea and likewise no meat, fish, eggs, bread, milk or sugar are served here. Further the use of alcohol & cigarettes are not permitted, encouraged or available on the premises. The cuisine here is based on traditional Keralan vegetarian cuisine and mainly uses locally sourced vegetables like Yam, various types of Gourds, Drumsticks, Okra, Aubergine, and a wide variety of leafy spinaches, pulses, lentils and fresh coconut. In addition, as Ayurveda does not permit the serving of raw food, salads are not part of the daily regime but certain fruits like fresh Pineapple, Guavas and Pomegranates are served. It is interesting to note that all the dishes are cooked with almost no oil, salt, chillies or any other spices and is yet unbelievably tasty. The food here is unique and has been created exclusively for KalariKovilakom by our chef Narayan Nair with the various dishes having been painstakingly researched and indigenously created, to strictly adhere to the principles & dietary restrictions laid down by Ayurveda. Therefore, although we are not able to offer you a wide variety of dishes, we find that without fail all our guests enjoy Kalari’s fascinatingly simple yet unique cuisine which is always customised for each guest, as per the Doctor’s prescription.

Entertainment :-

Life at KalariKovilakom is very restful with everything focusing and revolving around healing your body & mind, hence during the course of the treatments guest’s activities are strictly restricted to within the premises of the palace. Keeping this in mind for after dinner hours, we arrange for various entertainments to be showcased inside the Palace for our guests. These cultural shows vary from traditional classical dance & music performances to Satsangs (interactive discussions) on Ayurveda & Yoga or Chanting & Meditation sessions. There is also a small Art centre on
location and a Library with books in many foreign languages that cover a wide range of subjects including Ayurveda, the Vedas and Yoga.

Packing list :-

* At KalariKovilakom each guest is provided with three sets of complimentary fine cotton Pyjama suits and one pair of footwear for their use.
* If you do not intend to travel elsewhere other than to KalariKovilakom, then you will not require carrying many clothes – so pack light.
* A light shawl, scarf & cotton socks – as the evenings can get cool.
* Personal toiletries
* Medical reports & Medications - after prior consultation with the Doctor at KalariKovilakom.


Kindly do go through the information below to have a fair understanding of kalarikovilakom& its offerings.

The details of the treatments offered here are as described in the attached document and are for 14, 21 & 28 days only. On arrival after an in depth consultation with the Doctor at KalariKovilakom these Ayurvedic treatments are generally further customised & amended by him to suit
each guest’s constitution and address any specific ailments they might be suffering from. Regarding accommodation we have two categories of rooms, the Kovilakom Suite & the Vengunad Suite which is the higher category. Please be aware that we have a limited inventory of 18 rooms, so if you would like to make a booking please get back to me at the earliest with your preferred dates and room category. Note to hold your booking on a confirmed basis we would require an advance deposit of 50% of the full amount & the balance in full is to be settled on arrival.

Treatments &Prices :

* Attached please find the document with the prices in Euros, valid from Jan – Dec 2014
* The price is inclusive of Pick up &drop from Cochin/Coimbatore airports, Doctors consultations, Accommodation, All Ayurvedic treatments & medications, Daily Yoga sessions, All meals – a strict vegetarian menu as per the Doctors prescription. Medications which are prescribed to be
continued on returning home will be at extra cost and this is to be settled for directly at the time of check out.
* Mode of Payment :A 50% advance deposit is to be made through the Credit card online. Attached please find the document with the Credit Card authorization form, which is to be printed out and filled in mentioning the amount, signed and faxed to the following no : +91 4923 263929. Please