Challa Eye Care Centre, Telangana

Hyderabad, India
Challa Eye Care Centre, Hyderabad
  • City : Hyderabad - 500034
  • Phone no : +91-9849204178
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  • No. of Hospital Beds : 10
  • No. of ICU Beds : 0
  • No. of Operating Rooms : 2
  • Payment Mode : Credit Card, Cash (INR), Wire
  • Avg. International Patients : 0

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  • Language capabilities English
  • Availability of international cuisines
  • Presence of a hotel / food court within hospital No
  • Facility for tele consultations for overseas patients No
  • Facility for video consultations No
  • Presence of a dedicated international desk No
  • Travel desk at the hospital No
  • Visa Assistance for international patients No
  • Appointment booking option in website Yes
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  • Whether room options for separate by-stander stay available in the hospital premises Yes
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    AC Single Rooms

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Qualifications and Specialities

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Dr. RAVI PRASAD CHALLA M.B.B.S; M.S Ophthalmology
Dr. SHARAN SHETTY M.B.B.S; M.S Ophthalmology
Dr. MANJULA GUDIPATI M.B.B.S; M.S Ophthalmology

Specialty and Procedure

Specialty Major Procedures to be highlighted

Ours is a modern eye hospital equipped with cutting edge technology with NABH Accreditation with Acc. No “SHCO-2018-0143”. Our Hospital building comprising of total 8000 Sq Ft approx. is located at Road No: 2 Banjara Hills. We have spacious 3000 Sq Ft outpatient area with 2 waiting halls 7 consulting chambers for doctors, optometry examination room, contact lens room, diagnostic & investigation room and separate patient counseling rooms. We have an operation theatre complex of about 2000 Sq Ft with AHU, HEPA filters and Laminar airflow, mandatory 3 barriers for proper sterility as per international standards and 2 operation theatres equipped with the latest technology. We have a CCTV attachment from operating microscopes which helps patient’s attendants see live surgeries if they want to. As a unique concept for the first time in Hyderabad (which is common in west) we have big sealed glass window to O.T through which patients can directly see entire operation theatre. 

We have a 10 patient bed capacity (about 1000 Sq Ft) with all modern amenities for patients. Our Out- Patient Department is equipped with:

1. Nidek OCT 

2. Nikon Fundus Camera 

3. Quantel Medical Ophthalmic B Scan 

4. Quantel Medical Diode Laser 

5. Nd- Yag Laser 

6. Haag Streit Lenstar LS-900 Optical Biometer of German make for most accurate IOL Power Calculation 

7. Tomey TMS-4 Corneal Topographer of US make 

8. Tomey PS-100 Pachymeter of US make 

9. SBM Sistemi Ocular Surface Analyzer of Italian make for evaluation of dry eye & ocular Surface 

10. Carl-Zeiss Slit Lamp Biomicroscope - SL115 of German make, for quality pre & post op checks 

11. Nidek SL1600 Slit lamp Biomicroscope of Japanese make, for quality pre & post op checks. 

12. CSO 980 Slit lamp Biomicroscope of Italian make 

13. Zeiss Humphrey Visual field analyzer of German make. 

14. 4 Modern Ophthalmic Chairs 

15. I - Chart (intelligent electronic chart) for recording visual acuity 

16. Video camera attachment with Digital imaging system. 

17. Nidek Autorefractometer with Keratometer 

18. Nidek 310A Autorefractometers of Japanese make fully automated, latest in its class 

19. Goldman’s Applanation tonometer of Switzerland make. 

20. Topcon Non Contact Tonometer of Japanese make. 

21. Schiotz Indentation Tonometer 

22. Indirect Ophthalmoscope 

23. Goldman’s triple mirror lens 

24. Nidek Hand Held Auto Keratometer of Japanese make. 

25. A-Scan Biometer 

26. 20D,78D & 90D Volk lenses 

27. Direct Ophthalmoscope 

28. Streak Retinoscope 

29. Glaucoma diagnostic equipment 

30. Quality spectacle refraction trial sets 

31. Quality optical dispensing centre outsourced to a reputatable corporate – Ben Franklin. 

32. Ischiara Charts to check colour vision 

33. Many miscellaneous small diagnostic & Therapeutic instruments which are outside the scope of this document. 

We have a well equipped Retina Department where we do diagnostic and therapeutic procedures for Retinal conditions. Our operation theatre: Our Cataract Surgery Centre is most modern with cutting edge technology. Ours is a modular OT with AHU, HEPA filters and Laminar airflow, mandatory 3 barriers for proper sterility as per international standards. Ours is the only centre where entire operation theatre is visible through a sealed glass for visitors to see and ours is the only centre in Telangana showing live surgeries directly relayed from operating microscope to a Plasma TV for visitors to see. We have two well equipped operation theatres which are equipped with : 

1. High end Operating microscope with (having apochromatic optics, X-Y coupling, motorized zoom & e-bios attachment) computerized controls from Haag Streit of German make. 

2. Video camera attachment for microscope with close circuit TV to relay and record live surgeries. 

3. Abbott – AMO Intuitiv High end Phaco Machine of US make. 

4. Oertli Catarex Cold Micro phaco machine of Switzerland make with which the latest Phacoemulsification Cataract surgery like Bi-Manual Phacoemulcification, Co-axial Micro Incision Cataract Surgery (COMICS) can be done. 

5. Haag Streit Lenstar LS-900 Optical Biometer of German make for most accurate IOL Power Calculation 

6. Echorule- 2 A scan with all latest formulae and immersion scan capability to give accurate power of IOL to be implanted. 

7. NIBP & cardiac monitor Meditech - UK 

8. Pulse Oxymeter 

9. Motorized patient’s tables 

10. Motorized surgeon’s chairs 

11. Boyle’s apparatus 

12. Basic emergency resuscitation equipment 13. All Titanium micro instruments for doing quality ophthalmic surgeries. 14. Apoza Class B fully automated Autoclave 15. Other many modern equipments to clean, maintain and sterilize ophthalmic instruments to highest possible standards. Though we do cataract surgeries on daycare basis we have an in patient facility that can accommodate 10 inpatients per day in deluxe A/C Private Rooms, deluxe A/C semiprivate rooms. Thanks to this level of transparency we implant intraocular lenses promised to patients at the time of fixing up of surgery. We also hand over lens box & ID Card to the patient at the end of the surgery. After all no other artificial part used in human body has such variation in quality as intraocular lenses. Refraction Corrective Procedures: 1.We do LASIK (Refractive surgery) to get rid of glasses permanently by using • Schwind Amaris Machine from Germany known for it’s safety, capable of doing advanced Aspheric corrections, Customized Corrections and Presbyopic Corrections (getting rid of reading glasses). • Smart Pulse Trans PRK for thinner Corneas • Intralase Femto second LaASER US for i.e bladeless LASIK 2. ICL implantation to those patients where LASIK is not suitable. We are certified STAAR Surgical ICL Surgeon.ICL is an Implantable Collamer Lens. Here a Collamer lens is implanted in the presence of natural lens. Hence it is called as Phakic IOL (Phakic refers to natural lens)