Government (CL&SC) Spine Institute Hospital, Ahmedabad, Gujrat

Ahmedabad, India
Government (CL&SC) Spine Institute Hospital, Ahmedabad
  • Address : 4, Chamanpura, Asarwa, Ahmedabad, Gujarat
  • City : Ahmedabad - 380016
  • Phone no : 07922684211
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  • No. of Hospital Beds : 80
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  • No. of Operating Rooms : 2
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GOVERNMENT (C.L. & S.C.) SPINE INSTITUTE, CIVIL HOSPITAL CAMPUS, AHMEDABAD-380 016 GUJARAT First NABH Accredited Super Speciality Hospital in Public Sector in India & First Hospital in Gujarat Government for NABH Nursing Excellence Certificate. First Government Superspeciality Hospital awarded with Gold card under the Ayushman Bharat- PM- JAY. Government (C.L.& S.C.) Spine Institute (formerly known as Paraplegia Hospital) located in the Civil Hospital campus, Ahmedabad, is one of the biggest hospitals of its kind for Spinal cord related treatment in the country. It was inaugurated on 13th of October, 1978 by Shri. Morarjibhai Desai, the then Prime Minister of India. The Government Spine Institute has one of the finest facilities, equipments, machineries, technologies and qualified staff to offer best possible treatment to the persons with disabilities and patients with Spinal Cord Injuries. The institute has indoor capacity of 80 beds. It is one of the well known destinations for Spine related injuries for patients from neighbouring states like Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh, and Maharashtra and also for far away states like Uttar Pradesh along with patients from Gujarat. On an average, 11000 OPD and 1800 IPD patients are treated annually. The motto of hospital is to provide comprehensive rehabilitation to patient by ‘One Window Service Approach’ through Orthopaedic-Spine, Pressure sore care through plastic surgery,Cochlear implant surgery, Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation, Nursing Care, latest Physiotherapy, Occupational therapy, Prosthetics & Orthotics, Speech and Language Pathology and Audiology, Public Relation and Medical Social Service, Imaging, Laboratory Services, Psychomotor Laboratory and Administration departments.

The Institute provides the barrier free and safe secure environment to all the differently abled patients. Government Spine Institute has a well established modular operation theater which is one of its kinds in Government set up in Gujarat. Basic instruments like Power Drill, Laminar Air Flow, C-Arm IITV, Endoscopy spine instruments (anterior & interior), Arthroscopy instruments, Maquet operation table, Ventilator and other OT instruments are available. Since this Institute is attached to The Orthopaedic Department of Civil Hospital, all Orthopaedic services are also available. Along with regular major and minor Spine related surgeries, Institute has introduced plastic surgeries and the Cochlear Implant Surgery for the patients. One of the unique feature about Government Spine Institute is, it extends spectrum of services to Spinal Cord Injury patient and emphasize not only on improvement of physical condition of patients, but also support them to stand on their own feet through vocational rehabilitation by developing their skills for economic independence by collaborating with varied corporate and non government agencies. Some of the special initiatives include Gujarat Club Foot project, Jaipur Foot Centre and Vocational Rehabilitation Training Center. The Government Spine Institute also serves as knowledge academy through Government Physiotherapy College (intake capacity of 100 UG and 15 PG )and Government Prosthetics and Orthotics College (10 UG) students. Existing Facilities : Out patients department: This hospital is catering to the patients in Divyang -Integrated O.P.D. for the differently abled patients.

The team consists of Orthopaedic Surgeons, Physiotherapists, Occupational Therapists, Prosthetist/Orthotists, Medical Social Worker, Clinical Psychologist, Speech and Audiologist, Nursing staff conduct the OPD. Those patients requiring rehabilitation services in OPD are also provided like physiotherapy and occupational therapy treatment. Rehabilitation and vocational aids are also provided by this hospital with the help of NGOs . Other investigations like laboratory and X-ray are also provided to the patents by this hospital. Under the Ability Gujarat the disability certificates are provided. It also provides railway concession certificate, pension to the earthquake victims, fitness certificates etc. It is also nodal centre under DEIC - District Early Intervention Center . Now the recognized training center for the Cochlear implant surgery by Government of Gujarat under school health programme Indoor Patients: At present this hospital is working with 80 indoor beds. (2 male wards with 50 beds, 1 female ward with 24 beds and 1 special ward with 6 beds. It caters to all the spinal cord injury patients across Gujarat and neraby states. The Institute provides the barrier free and safe secure environment to all the differently abled patients. All the beds are equipped with nurse call bell system, air bed, side rails etc. Operations Theater Government Spine Institute has a well established modular operation theater which is one of its kinds in Government set up in Gujarat. Basic instruments like Power Drill, Laminar Air Flow, C-Arm IITV, Endoscopy spine instruments (anterior & interior), Arthroscopy instruments, Maquet operation table, Ventilator and other OT instruments are available. Since this Institute is attached to The Orthopaedic Department of Civil Hospital, all Orthopaedic services are also available. Along with regular major and minor Spine related surgeries, institute has introduced plastic surgeries for the patients. Orthopaedic Services: 1 Assistant Professor in Orthopaedics and Sr and Jr. Residents are available at this Institute. Services of Sr. Orthopaedic surgeons from Civil Hospital are also available. X-Ray & Laboratory Dept: Facilities for investigations related to imaging - Radiology and Laboratory investigations to the OPD and indoor patients are available at the Physiotherapy Department: A full-fledged and well-equipped Physiotherapy department with modern instrument and equipment like E.M.G./N.C.V., Laser therapy, Gate Laboratory (Gate trainer and Gate analyzer), Iso-kinetic exerciser, Microwave Diathermy, interferential therapy, ultrasound therapy, exercise treadmill, rowing machine , all exercise therapy equipments and gymnasium for fitness. This department gives physiotherapy treatment to the outdoor and indoor patients. Occupational Therapy Dept.: Occupational therapy department gives vocational rehabilitation, sports activities, A.D.L. training, Coordination exercises, Functional aid training, to the indoor patients daily and also giving treatment to the out door patients. Therapists treat different therapeutic activities, work, play etc. in scientific way to achieve a goal of maximum independence so that patients can live a nearly normal life. Once the patient’s immobilization period in the ward is completed, tilt-table activity from 45 degree to 90 degree is started in occupational therapy department.

When the patient completes tilt-table activities up to 90 degree, without any complications, the patient is advised to sit on wheel chair. Patient sitting in wheel chair undergoes various different therapeutic activities. Occupational therapy is extended to the patients for developing skills to live with disability, manage activities of daily living and be independent. Prosthetic & Orthotic Workshop: All the OPD and Indoor patients are given aids and appliances from the Prosthetic & Orthotic Workshop as per their requirement prescribed by the Orthopaedic Surgeons. Patients from nearby municipal run hospitals are also attending this hospital for prosthetic & orthotic appliances. All types of Orthotic & Prosthetic appliances are made in this Workshop for Polio, Paraplegia, C.P., Fracture Orthosis, Spinal orthosis etc. Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation Department: Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation department of B.J. Medical College has been started at Govt. Spine Institute since 2011 looking to the rehabilitation set up at Govt. Spine Institute. Under PMR we have developed, Vocational counselling/training, Clinical Psychology, speech therapy with audiometric room. 12 beds have been earmarked for PMR and additional staff has been sanctioned for the department to carry out OPD, assessment and day to day treatment. Rehabilitation Colleges and Institutes Government Physiotherapy College: The Government Physiotherapy College attached to the Institute has been started in 1992 and the present intakes capacity of students per year is 100. It is affiliated with Gujarat University and B.J. Medical College & Civil Hospital. Admission to this Course is done through centralized admission along with MBBS and BDS. The eligibility for this course is XIIth Science Pass. Physiotherapy College has also started Master in Physiotherapy (MPT) with 15 intakes per year. The eligibility for admission is B. Physiotherapy Course. Preference will be given to Gujarat University students. Admission is given as per the rules of Gujarat University. Government Prosthetic & Orthotic College: Paraplegia Hospital has also started Government Orthotic & Prosthetic College in 2005 with 10 student’s intake/year. This is the first and only College of its kind in Gujarat State. The eligibility for admission to this course is XII Science pass. Government Occupational Therapy College: Since long time due to increase in awareness related to rehabilitation and varied schemes of the government, there is a growing demand for the qualified manpower, however due to lack of such exclusive college there was a shortage of professionals in the field of Occupational therapy. To meet this need, as a march towards complete educational services for comprehensive rehabilitation, the Government (CL & SC) Spine Institute has started the Government Occupational Therapy College from the academic year 2018-19. This is first of its kind Government College in Gujarat. Initially it will have uptake capacity of 10 students per year. This Bachler course will be of 4 academic years and 6 months of internship within the institute. The key subjects include techniques of daily living to support patient for independent living, to provide knowledge from paediatric to geriatric rehabilitation including children with Cerebral Palse, language disability and Autism, to deal with psychiatric cases etc Vocational rehabilitation: Daily vocational training as per patient need and assessment. After treatment, those who are permanently disabled, for them in coordination with other NGOs and donors, the hospital ensures that the patients are provided with equipment or vocational aids for income generation such as sewing machine, hand cart, garment, cutlery etc. In last ten years, 1000 patients are supported with vocational rehabilitation. It includes Air mattresses , sewing machine, hand carts, cutlery plastic kit, foot ware business kits, ladies cutlery, idli maker, paper plate maker , wheelchairs tricycles etc.. A total 9206 vocational aids are distributed till date. Paraplegia Safari: Most of the patients attending the Hospital are from poor family and from remote areas and hence they could not attend the hospital for follow up. Therefore to help these poor paraplegia patients, Paraplegia Hospital has started a noble project “Paraplegia Safari Programme” – to visit the door steps of the discharged paraplegia patients to assess the condition of the patients, give suitable advice, further treatment if any, assess the bed sore problems, vocational activities, uses of aids and wheel chair etc. 

The Safari staff consists of Orthopaedic Surgeons, Physiotherapist, Occupational Therapist, Prosthetist/orthotist, Medical Social Worker and nursing staff. The Center of Healing Arts – Dr. Dinesh G. Patel Psychomotor Laboratory. The Center of Healing Arts – Dr. Dinesh G. Patel Psychomotor Laboratory the first of its kind in India and the Asian Continent was started at the Paraplegia Hospital, Ahmedabad in December, 2001. This Laboratory was established with 6 workstations with instruments on donation from Smith & Nephew, USA. The Laboratory consists of a full operation theatre set up with all required arthroscopy instruments and accessories along with joint models to learn and do a mock surgery on the model. This set up would enable the students to learn the basic diagnostic techniques and kick start the basic operative techniques and transfer the same to an actual orthopaedic surgical theatre on a patient. At present we are giving hands on training on knee and shoulder models. We have organised many hands on workshop with live surgical demonstration to upcoming orthopaedic surgeons and post-graduate students from all over India. More than 1900 doctors attended for training. Jaipur Foot Centre sponsored by Mahavir Viklang Sahayata Samiti A Jaipur Foot Centre at Govt. Spine Instiutte sponsored by Mahavir Viklang Sahayata Samiti started in September, 2008. Under this project, Jaipur Foot will be given to all disabled, free of cost. They will also provide wheel chairs and tricycles to the needy patents. This Mahavir Viklang Sahayata Samiti sponsored Foot Clinic also give services to the patients who have different foot problems. 7650 aids are provided under this Samiti includes- Jaipur foot, Orthosis, Prosthosis, wheel chair, tricycles, hearing aids, aux cruthches, sports shoes etc Wheel Chair Clinic As the name "The Wheelchair Clinic" indicates the concept is to provide modified wheelchair according to the needs of any individual. So that along with comfort, the person is empowered with independent living. From 1st March, 2018 Government (CL & SC) Spine Institute has signed a MOU with Motivation India with the objectives to identify and provide WHO compliant wheelchairs to disabled people in the community. 

The Wheelchair Clinic provides following services: l Assessment of patient's needs l Assembling of customised wheelchair l Training of patient and their relatives l Distribution of customised wheelchair l Counselling on issues pertaining to use and maintenance of wheelchair Under this project patients with disabilities are provided a customised wheelchair totally free. The cost of the wheelchair will be shared by Government (CL & SC) Spine Institute and Motivation India. Activities under RKS Renovation: Government Spine Institute and Physiotherapy College buildings have been renovated in the line of corporate hospitals. Ramp:New Ramp has been constructed in the Govt. Spine Institute building for the benefits of patients and their relatives for easy movements. Modular Operation Theatre: Govt. Spine Institute has prepared a Modular Operation theatre with modern instruments, equipments, spinal surgery instruments – endoscopy spine instruments, which is one of the best operation theatres in Government set up. Govt. Spine Institute has started plastic surgery in our operation theatre for paraplegia patients. Now the operation theatre is functioning daily. Special Ward:Started special ward on the third floor of Govt. Spine Institute with 6 beds. R.O. Water Plants & Solar Plants: For the benefit of the patients, relatives, staff and general public, installed R.O. Water Plant & Solar Plant in Govt. Spine Institute, on donation. R.O. Water Plant has also installed in Physiotherapy College Hostel building for the students. Participation in Government Programmes : Govt. Spine is implementing Aysuhman Bharat -PM JAY first gold card owner in Govt Sector, Mukhyamantry Amrutam Yojana & MAA Vatsalya, RBSK, etc for the benefit of poor BPL patients attending Govt. Spine Institute & Physiotherapy College. Gujarat Knowledge Society Centre Govt. 

Spine Institute has Implemented Gujarat Knowledge Society Centre for giving skills and knowledge by various certificate courses in computers & knowledge skills, for staff and students. Organizing camps: The hospital organizes medical camps for the people living in rural areas for orthopedic related issues. In last five years through 30 camps more than 25000 patients were diagnosed and 750 patients are provided with free artificial limbs. Celebration of National and Cultural festivals: To motivate and encourage patients, along with treatment, this hospital celebrates different festivals such as Raksha-bandhan, Kite festival, 15th August, 26th January etc in coordination with NGOs and provides artificial aids and vocational aids Quality Initiatives  NABH Accredited since 2015  NQAS State Level Accreditation  Kayakalp  Patient Rights & Education programme every second and fourth Friday of every month  Vocational training programme  Out reach camps  Paraplegic safari  Nodal centre for quality improvement training of GOG.  Occupational Therapy College  Psychomotor Laboratory  Club foot centre  Jaipur foot centre  Ghodiyaghar  WHO compliant wheelchair clinic for providing wheelchair to patients MoU with motivation India  Swachta Pakhvadiyu  Pain Clinic  Seven Days Seven Colors for Linen  Published Infection Prevention Control Book whole Gujarat  Nursing manual and other manuals whole Gujarat  Condensed course for BPO  Study Center for Management course of IGNOU- PDNA, PGDHHM  Cochlear implant centre is started  Nursing excellence NABH  College for Speech and Language Pathology and Audiology under process  MD in PMR under process