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Sri Sathya Sai Institute of Higher Medical Sciences, Puttaparthi
  • Address : Puttaparthi Main Road, Prasanthigram, Puttaparthi
  • City : Puttaparthi - 515134
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    Free healthcare for all irrespective of caste, creed, race, religion, nationality and financial status in a professional atmosphere with love and compassion

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UNIQUENESS OF SRI SATHYA SAI INSTITUTE OF HIGHER MEDICAL SCIENCES, PRASANTHIGRAM Here let me mention what a patient of our hospital told us. He said, “Doctor, when we poor people go to other hospitals, they quote exorbitant sums of money for treatment. They scare us. And gradually we start believing that poor people have no right to live in this world. But then we see Swami’s hospital and the faith that we are also humans and we also deserve to live returns to us”. This is the most beautiful aspect of Bhagavan; it is only He who can instil this kind of faith in a human who has lost all hope. Twenty-eight years ago, Bhagavan Baba had declared, “There are countless people in the country who cannot afford huge costs of cardiac surgery in private establishments. We are going to establish a fully equipped modern hospital at Puttaparthi at the cost of a hundred crore rupees, where all the complicated operations will be done totally free of cost. The hospital will be opened on 22nd November 1991”. This is the love of Swami; this is the grace of Swami. Loving Care and Homely Environment A walk around the pristine environs of Sri Sathya Sai Institute of Higher Medical Sciences, Prasanthigram, makes one realise what a hospital should look and feel like. There is an all-pervading calm and warmth wherever one goes, and as one of our patients recently told me, just by entering the hospital, people feel like they are half cured. He is not alone with this sentiment, as almost all the patients who visit the hospital share the same feeling. In fact, during ward rounds it is not uncommon for our doctors to hear patients telling them that they have been taken care of in the hospital better than their families have ever taken care of them. And when patients are told that they are fit and ready for discharge, many a time they request the doctors to extend their stay in the hospital, because they feel better at Swami’s hospital than at their own homes. The hospital till date has provided treatment to more than 35 lakh patients completely free of charge. We do not have a billing department in the hospital. It is a temple of healing, because here treatment is to the body, mind and soul, due to the compassionate care by the medical personnel and Swami’s blessings in plenty. A majority of the patients who have received treatment at Bhagavan Baba’s hospital belong to poor backgrounds. And their beaming faces tell the story of how Bhagavan Baba’s love gave them a new life. Word Took Form As Bhagavan Baba had said, the hospital came into existence on 22nd November 1991. 


With a structural area of 320,000 square feet, it became the first super speciality hospital in India to offer world-class tertiary care through state-of-the-art medical technology, totally free of charge to all the patients, irrespective of caste, class, gender, race, religion or nationality. This 300 bedded tertiary care hospital is equipped with 14 operation theatres, one intensive care unit, two cardiac catheterisation laboratories, five in-patient wards and a 24-hour emergency unit. The hospital has specialists in cardiology, cardiothoracic and vascular surgery, urology, ophthalmology, plastic surgery, orthopaedics, gastroenterology, anaesthesiology, laboratory services and medical imaging. Moment of History It is extremely important to understand the timing of the inauguration of the hospital, in the context of the economic history of India, and I do not think it was a coincidence that Bhagavan inaugurated it in 1991. Something momentous had happened to India in the early 1990s. With the Indian economy in downturn, the government was forced to implement a Structural Adjustment Programme, which led to the opening of the doors of India to liberalisation and privatisation. So, the government was forced to loosen control on many sectors and allow private players to participate in sectors, which till then were within the exclusive domain of the government. Healthcare was one of them. While the entry of private players made healthcare profit oriented and therefore out of reach of the poor, it also attracted the haves in the society to flock to these private hospitals. The government found itself in a tight spot. Moreover, many experts who till then were working with the government health sector started migrating to the private health sector in search of a better career graph and remuneration. It was at this moment of the country’s history that Bhagavan inaugurated Sri Sathya Sai Institute of Higher Medical Sciences, Prasanthigram, an advanced state-of-the-art hospital completely free for all. Bhagavan then followed up, ten years later, with the SSSIHMS, Whitefield in 2001. These two hospitals have stood rock solid like beacons of ideal healthcare in an ocean of market-driven healthcare. 


Most Advanced Equipment Swami always wanted the best for His patients. Therefore, He made sure that the hospital was equipped with the best of the equipment available anywhere in the world. We at our hospital, therefore, have most advanced equipment. And it is our policy to keep updating the equipment whenever the need arises. Just to give an example, in the past one year, with the grace of Bhagavan, the hospital has received a new fully automated bio-chemistry analyser costing around 25 lakhs and also a microscope to aid in eye surgery costing around 50 lakhs. Also, the hospital has completely upgraded the Central Sterile Supplies Department and the Hospital Laundry. These are the most recent examples. But one may go anywhere in the hospital, be it laboratories or the Imaging Department or the various operation theatres, one will find the most advanced and top-notch equipment available for the patients, because the patients of Swami’s hospital deserve the best and nothing else. Testimony by NABH The testimony for the best care being provided at the hospital is the certification by the National Accreditation Board for Hospitals and Healthcare Providers (NABH), India. NABH is a constituent board of Quality Council of India, set up to establish, train and certify accreditation programme for healthcare organisations in India. Moreover, NABH is an institutional member of ISQUA, the International Society for Quality in Healthcare, which emphasises the fact that the hospital has an international stamp of quality for its unmatched patient care. Moreover, the hospital is the only totally free hospital to receive this recognition. Paperless and Filmless Talking about technology, something pretty exceptional about the hospital is the hospital’s Hospital Management Information System (HMIS). The hospital is one of the few in the country which is almost totally digital and therefore filmless and paperless. To give an example, if a patient requires a CT scan, the order for the same is placed not on paper; rather it is conveyed electronically to the Imaging Department. The patient has a card with his patient id and a bar code. When he visits the Imaging Department, his name would already be flashing on the Imagining Department’s computer. The patient then undergoes the scan and the digital image of the scan is stored on the hospital’s server, which can be accessed anywhere in the hospital by persons who have the requisite log in Id. 


The whole process is far more efficient and a digital image kept in the servers securely would not be subject to wear and tear as an ordinary film may. Telemedicine One more evidence of the advanced technology being put to alleviate the suffering of patients is the use of Telemedicine at SSSIHMS, Prasanthigram. One of the basic ideas of telemedicine can be expressed by the saying: “Move the information, not the patient”. Tele-consultation is provided for post-operative cardiac patients from the States of Odisha and West Bengal. Sri Sathya Sai Seva Organisation has set up centres in Bhubaneswar and Barrackpore with the help of the Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO), where patients who have undergone cardiac surgery come and report for follow-up or with related complaints. Doctors in the centre screen the patients and collect essential details like complaints, medicines being currently taken, etc., and send them to SSSIHMS, Prasanthigram, electronically. At SSSIHMS, Prasanthigram, the consultant reviews the patient’s past and current records and while speaking to the patient and the attending physician directly over video conferencing suggests suitable remedies and further investigations if necessary. The best part of this programme is that the patient and specialist see and talk to each other directly. Another advantage is that the local doctor conveys the specialist’s advice clearly in the patient’s local language. The patient also avoids the trouble and expenditure of travelling a long distance from Odisha to Puttaparthi, unless it is really necessary. Apart from Tele-consultation, the Telemedicine (TM) Centre at SSSIHMS, Prasanthigram, since its inception in August 2007, has been playing an active role in supporting the academic programme of the hospital by means of enabling participation in Continuing Medical Education (CME), lectures and discussions with institutions like Sankara Nethralaya (Chennai) and Dr. Mohan’s Diabetes Specialities Centre (Chennai). Human Resource Apart from this, there is one more aspect about quality of healthcare at SSSIHMS, Prasanthigram, which is seldom talked about, and that is the human resource. It is pretty ordinary to find in Swami’s hospital, people working from the inception of the hospital. That simply put is 28 years! In this age when industry is grappling with the ways and means to retain people by providing them various so-called incentives, I can proudly say that in Swami’s hospital, we have doctors, nurses and people working in other allied fields, who have been quietly working at the hospital for more than a quarter of a century. Let me inform you that Bhagavan Baba pays very good salary to them, but for these people, pay is the last reason why they work at the hospital; they work because it is their Swami’s hospital. 


Their greatest incentive is to work as a part of Bhagavan’s Mission. Hospital Dietary Services The Hospital Dietary Services cater to the dietary needs of all the inpatients by providing a well-balanced diet. The role of diet as a therapeutic agent is well recognised as a key to the early recovery of the sick and the convalescent patients. Meeting patient’s nutritional needs involves the coordination of medical, nursing and dietary teams. The department is linked online to the Hospital Management Information System and individual diet orders are coordinated through this system. Further, the cultural background of the patients is also taken into consideration. Hence, the diet that patients receive is customised for them. The patients are regularly counselled on the importance of consumption of appropriate diet based on their diagnosis and health conditions both as a curative and preventive measure. On discharge, patients needing modification in their diets are educated and provided a detailed diet chart. Going Green With the blessings of Bhagavan Sri Sathya Sai Baba, a one Megawatt Solar Power Plant started functioning at SSSIHMS, Prasanthigram campus on the Aradhana Mahotsava of Bhagavan Baba on 24th April 2018. Spread over an area of around 5 acres and established at a cost of around Rs. 4.1 crore rupees (approx. $610,000) the solar plant will fulfil 1/3rd of the electricity requirement of the hospital. As solar power will ensure lesser dependence on the power grid, it would also help in reducing the carbon footprint of the hospital. A Statistical Perspective As already mentioned, the hospital has treated around 35 lakh patients till date and around 2.8 lakh operations have been performed by the hospital. The following is a broad overview of the statistics of the hospital: Cardiology/ Cardiac Surgery Outpatient Consultations - 12,83,077 Total Surgeries - 29,298 Total Cath Procedures - 50,673 Urology Outpatient Consultations - 11,22,663 Total Surgeries - 76,353 Ophthalmology Outpatient Consultations - 9,04,892 Total Surgeries - 79,155 Plastic Surgery Outpatient Consultations - 40,036 Total Surgeries - 13,372 Orthopaedics Outpatient Consultations - 4,12,087 Total Surgeries - 21,300 Endoscopic Procedures Outpatient Consultations - 12,646 Love, Compassion and Dignity The uniqueness of the hospital does not just stem from the fact that it provides treatment completely free of charge, but more importantly because it treats the patients with love, compassion and dignity. 


In today’s world where healthcare has all but become a product to be sold by hospitals and bought by those who have the means, I think we as a society have failed the poor gravely. We forget that there are people in the world who work hard everyday rain or shine, fit or sick to make sure their children do not go to sleep hungry. After toiling the whole day, they earn just enough each day and save a few rupees. With a few hundred rupees savings earned over months and months of hard labour, when suddenly one gets to know that his son’s heart has a hole and that a surgery is required costing lakhs, or he/she has developed a tumour on her urinary bladder and the treatment for the same will cost a million rupees, or that one day he/she meets with an accident while crossing the road and the surgery requires again a few lakhs, let us pause for a moment and think what would be going through his/her mind. Let us put ourselves in that situation and think. Here let me mention what a patient of our hospital told us. He said, “Doctor, when we poor people go to other hospitals, they quote exorbitant sums of money for treatment. They scare us. And gradually we start believing that poor people have no right to live in this world. But then we see Swami’s hospital and the faith that we are also humans and we also deserve to live returns to us”. This is the most beautiful aspect of Bhagavan; it is only He who can instil this kind of faith in a human who has lost all hope. While providing completely free care with love and dignity is one aspect of it, another unique aspect of Bhagavan’s hospital is the state-of-the-art technology being used to provide that care.