Success Stories

Redo Cardiac Surgery for Heart (Mitral) Valve Replacement for a patient from Tanzania

ELEDINA EMMANUEL 23/F has been suffering from Rheumatic Heart Disease from her childhood. She had affliction of her Mitral Valve for which she came to India, at Apollo Hospitals 8 years back. She had undergone Mitral Valve Repair at the time. With passage of time her valve began to get discased.  Her heart had enlarged significantly, with severe pressure in the pulmonary artery and huge cardiac dilatation. Her valve was seriously malfunctioned. She was advised repeat (redo) cardiac surgery. She decided for this surgery and came to Apollo Hospitals International at Ahmedabad, INDIA.         

As we all know that Redo Cardiac Surgery in a case with advanced Cardiac failure carries a higher risk for surgery. This is due to sickness of heart muscles and also because of dense adhesions inside the chest that develop due to previous cardiac surgery. They impose risk of bleeding during dissection. Incidentally her blood group was also B Negative which is a rare group. 

Normally even for routine cardiac surgery we see patients surrounded by flock of relative and family & friends to support, comfort, counsel a patient. This lady brave heart had flown from Tanzania to India (Apollo Hospitals Gandhinagar) for her surgery under Dr. Utpal Shah, all by herself.  She was counselled prior to surgery and accepted to undergo such an operation. The hospital returned her confidence back by successfully operating on her by DrUtpal S.