Success Stories

MULTIPLE SCLEROSIS CURE ( a disorder affecting central nervous system)

My wife and I have just spent 23 days doing Panchkarma (PK) at Maharishi Ayurvedic Hospital (MAH) in Delhi. When we left Australia, we were tired, stressed and generally no energy. We were tired of life in Australia but fearful of India and the PK process. We both changed our minds about going to India several times finding many rational excuses. 


But the day we arrived at the MAH and met 20+ smiling welcoming faces, and then met with Dr. Raju the famous Ayurvedic doctor, happiness sneaked up on us both, and we said: "Thank God we came to India, Dr Raju and MAH". The treatments were so relaxing and even the challenging bastis (PK process) were easy.

It was just our Western mind set which held us back saying we like what we are familiar with in Australia even if it is no good for us and we are fearful of India and PK even if it is good for us. Strange how the mind works, but whatever the rationalizations, we were really happy for the first time in a long time, and the smiles could not be contained by us and the staff at MAH. That said, the single greatest source of that happiness was Dr Raju, whose amazing, unlimited knowledge of all diseases, and his unlimited compassion and love and, gave us good health and happiness again.

We cannot thank Dr Raju and MAH enough for this great privilege of being healed by the ancient science of Ayurveda, in its full power, unadulterated from the ancient texts.