Success Stories

Cure of Recurrent Metastatic Colon Cancer – Cancer which spread to other organs

Al Matari. Mohsen Abudullah a 66 year old International patient from Yemen was treated for Colon Cancer in 2008. He had undergone chemotherapy and surgery as part of his treatment in 2008. The surgery and chemo did not work for him and he lost weight considerably. Even after 6 years of his treatment, there were not much signs of improvement in his health condition. 


Having searched for various options in Yemen and other parts of the world, his son chose to come down to Hyderabad, INDIA and get his father treated at BasavatarakamIndo American Cancer Hospital & Research Institute. He was diagnosed to have recurrent metastatic carcinoma colon. Upon further evaluation he was found to have anastomotic recurrence with multiple secondary in the liver. 


He underwent three cycles of Chemotherapy and showed speedy signs of recovery. The Doctors who treated him also praised him for his cooperation and zeal to live. He speaks Arabic with everybody but language has never been a barrier between him and the staff, nurses and doctors at the hospital. 


He was so overwhelmed with the treatment and specially the behaviour of everyone at the hospital that he said he would recommend Basavatarakam cancer hospital to his friends and relatives back at Yemen. 

Someone has rightly said that Love has no language and National boundaries. Mr. Abdullah has left for his country with sweet memories.