Success Stories

AUTO IMMUNE DISORDER – Patient from Latvia

Lonija Krastina, 22 year old young lady, from Latvia of North Europe was admitted at Pattarumadom Clinic & Ayurveda Nursing Home at Cochin in India in 2013. She was affected with Auto immune disorder – RA +ve and HLA – B 27 +ve.

Started at the age of 10, with right knee pain and gradually progressed to and multiple joints pain, cervical pain and severe sacro iliac pain. It was diagnosed as auto immune disorder at the age of 12.

She was treated earlier by disease modifying drugs and steroids and physiotherapy. But gradually patient became obese at the same time weak. Also her body could not tolerate these medications and later affected with Pyelonephritis.

So searched for Ayurvedic treatment and reached the centre. 1st course of treatment was for days, comprising of internal medication and external therapies. The symptoms reduced considerably and she returned to Latvia. After follow up medication of 6 months she was totally symptom free. Got married and came down for 2nd course of treatment. This time she was totally rejuvenated and regained normal appetite and health. Again after few months came back to attend the 3rd course of preventive treatments. Now she is perfectly healthy and leads happy life.